Our Magazine: Issue #5 – 2018

Welcome to our 5th issue of our B/C Senior Magazine LITTLE STEPS, BIG LEAPS!

Every time we put together this magazine, we are inspired by the power of the many new voices and our sense of excitement grows. We love the achievements, ambition and conviction of our students, of this new generation. Every year, we feel more optimistic about the future. Life is what we make it and our teens are the perfect example of just doing that.

This issue has the youthful energy of our B class and the optimistic beat of our C seniors. They all take us on a reading adventure through their work. This work is the result of the variety of information, knowledge, hands on activities and experiences they have been exposed to throughout the year, under the guidance and supervision of our qualified, experienced and caring teachers. It is true: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”. Even though day by day nothing changes, when we look back, everything is different! 

So, let us kickstart your summer holiday with some small but mighty pieces of writing!

Here you can find more past issues of our magazine! You are welcome to check them out!

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