Our Magazine: Issue #6 – 2019

Bright & Beautiful…

Every time we bundle off this magazine, students and teachers sync our hearts to work together and give a final form to content – content we explored, studied and learnt during the year. 

Learning helps children grow and mature, discover their potential, believe in themselves and be proud of what they can do. The work we do at our school, day in day out, encourages our students to love to learn in an increasingly distracting and distracted world.

Discovering, reading and writing stories, discussing everyday challenges and sharing advice and experiences were the main core of our B & C senior curriculums this year. The Art Projects worked as an outlet for the students’ creativity and the values they pondered inspired kindness, patience, self respect and much more.

In issue 6, we put the best part of this year’s work on display. Now it is yours to enjoy!

Here you can find more past issues of our magazine! You are welcome to check them out!

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